Stop being boring.

2012-01-10 23:41:11 by ParaDice

I have been regularly checking Newgrounds for years, i created an account, did nothing with it, forgot about it, then created a new one about a year later.
I've never done anything with my accounts to be honest.
And now with my new laptop and my amazing imagination, i want to do more.
And when I begin to do that 'more', I want Newgrounds to be the first to know about it.
I will release my load all over Newgrounds.
Don't read that twice.
You get the Jizzt.

But yeah, expect the Audio section to possibly fill with a few of my future parodies.
Maybe even beats. (Since I once had a talent at creating them).

Expect some art, since I'm quite above average with Photoshop/Flash.

And if you're lucky and I'm feeling ambitious.
Expect possible Animations.

I do have the imagination, just I haven't quite got the talent.

Also, I'm here if anyone else would like to contact me for help with anything.
Voice Acting is a definite yes from me, you just need to ask.

Thanks for reading, if you've taken the time...